The Merrick Theatre, 2222 Hewlett Ave,in Merrick (516) 868 6400, will be auditioning for their upcoming musical
“The Buddy Holly Story" on Monday, Jan 26th and Thursady Jan 29th at 7:30pm at the theatre. 

Show opens March 7th and plays thru March 29th. Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm.

Director : Jim Redding 
Musical Director : Nic Palmeri 
Stg. Mgr. : Karen Brucia 

Looking to cast approx 12 versatile, wildly multi talented actors to bring this high energy imaginative telling of the life of rock and roll legend Buddy Holly to life. 

Looking to Cast

Buddy Holly.... Tall, slim, 20 ‘s, on stage for the entire show. Sings 20 songs. Funny, stubborn, driven , brash. Single minded in his drive to bring his songs to the world. In doing so, he changes the face of popular music for the next 50 years. ( not required, BUT if the actor could play quitar, even a little ,that would be a bonus. The music is going to be performed on stage by the actors playing his band The Crickets) 

(All the other actors will double and triple parts. As with Buddy it is not required, but if you play a rock or country music style instrument, guitar, bass, drums, banjo, fiddle, sax, piano, that is certainly a bonus.) 

Hip Pockets Duncan... 30s ,laid back Texas Dj. Hollys first supporter, acts as narrator of the story. 

Maria Elena……20s, Holly's wife. Mexican American. Strong independent 

Norman Petty…. 40's, Record producer used to being Top Dog. He meets his match when he meets Buddy. 

Vi Petty…..40s, Norman's wife and business partner, feisty, strong willed, not afraid to speak her mind ( a bonus if she can play piano)

Big Bopper ….30s, Hello Baaaaaaayyyybeee! Larger than life in every way. Life of the Party.

Apollo MC… 30s, African American, introduces the Crickets to Harlem. Great comic timing. 

Four Girls …. 20's, They play a variety of young women in the story, jingle singers, teeny boppers, back up singers, beauty queens. (again it would be terrific if you can play instruments but totally not required). 

Murray…..40s- 50s.. Record producer not thrilled with Buddy and his sound. 

The cast will play these parts and nearly 20 more. A wonderful challenge. 
The Buddy Holly Story has been playing in England for 25 years!! 

Please have a song prepared; preferably a rock and roll, country, rock a billy song, appropriate to the era. 

PLEASE be available for ALL shows.



The Merrick Theatre, 2222 Hewlett Ave in Merrick,(516) 868 6400, will be holding auditions for Agatha Christie's suspense thriller "Love From A Stranger".
Show runs April 11 thru May 17 Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm.

Directed by ; Gene Sullivan
Stg. Mgr. Karen Brucia

Tuesday ,Wednesday, and Thursday, Janurary 20th ,21st, and 22nd at the theatre. Looking to cast 4 men and 4 woman ages 20s to 70s. British accents required, bring photo and resume.

PLEASE be available for ALL performances.
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